Młoda Śmierć 


Working with Szczecin’s Teatr Wspolczesny (The Modern Theater of Szczecin) creating the music, video, and animation effects for the acclaimed “Moda Smierc” (1996) was some of my fondest memories in Poland, especially when we were invited to the Bonn Biennale, Germany - the bi-yearly showcase for the best modern theater in Europe. Also negotiated the rights for Teatr Wspolczesny to perform Woody Allen’s A Mid-Summer Night’s Sex Comedy, which premiered in Szczecin on September 12, 1998. Other sound and video works for Teatr Wspolczesny are:

Kochan I Nas troje (1998) 

Balllladyna (1998) *winner of the All Polish Classics Competition

Pablo Picasso’s Four Little Girls (1998)


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An important discussion on the social relevance of this work as described by Szczecin's weekly philosopher... 










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