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 Network Language Learning Sister Schools Program

(Doctorate Dissertation) 

Online language learning program design allows institutions to offer multiple foreign language courses.

"Unique blend of instructor who is in the country of the language & culture to be learned, and Sister School arrangement to ensure engaging conversational practice"


    Writing the Award Winning                     Screenplay 

An Online Course

For Schools: Using skills in screenplay writing techniques to improve high school writing proficiency scores

For Therapy: Using skills in screenplay writing techniques as therapy for veterans & in rehabilitation 

For the Screenwriter: Coach, guide & coverage services for the emerging screenwriter 


 Writing a Screenplay as Therapy for Veterans




Click on image above to hear the
Veterans in Politics radio 
interview on Screenwriting as Therapy for Veterans 



ProjectBasedLearningProject.pptx ProjectBasedLearningProject.pptx
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Project-based Learning through each Philosophical Learning Age:

How Learning is Similar, Different, & Connected in Time through each Philosophical Age

Power Point Presentation & Lecture
Created for the Instructional Design & Professional Learning Division, CCSD (2015)


The Historical & Mythical Origins of Belief Systems in the Third Reich:

From Herodotus (450 BC) describing a mystic land in the far north, the 1679 identification of the islands of Thule, to the misinterpretations & manipulation of Nietzsche's final works, what elements of past history & myths that were carefully selected to create Nazi Germany's evolution in the 1930's philosophy.

Power Point Presentation & Lecture
Created for presentations & lectures in libraries, schools, & universities in Poland, Germany, and throughout the United States. (Developed 2009)



Under Construction...(well, mostly just translating it from Polish)

  - Moja gwiezdna terapia (David Perkins, 1998)

Originally presented to schools in the Szczecin West Pomeranian Voivodeship School Ministry, Szczecin, Poland (1997)
Astronomy for 3rd Graders

 Course illustrates all 88 constellations & the ancient stories behind each according to Pythagoras (yes, there's math in this, but don't tell the kids that). Retrogrades, declination, degree of arc, from space, longitude, latitude, and ascendant for earth, all for the conceptual understanding for 3rd grade comprehension.


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From 24 years of research into the key players of the occult and astrology within the Third Reich from the late 1880's to 1945, this dramatized story reveals actual events, characters, and methods used by those working for and against the Third Reich during World War II.

Power Point Presentation & Lecture
Created for presentations & lectures in libraries, schools, & universities in Poland, Germany, and throughout the United States. (Developed 2008)



Doctorate Paper on Predictions.doc Doctorate Paper on Predictions.doc
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Measuring & Predicting Cultural Phenomenon Cycles
Using a 30 year cycle to describe the evolution of American music in the 20th Century, similar patterns in each cycle are qualitatively described, so that predictions can be made in the future.

Power Point Presentation, Doctorate Paper, & Lecture
Original lecture in Polish libraries, schools, & audiences in Łobez, Nowogard, and Gryfice (1996). Published in Mojo Gwiezdna (Star Therapy, 1998), Doctorate Paper, (Capella University, 2014)

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