The original idea for this screenplay was born in a government class. Mr. Ashley Warren's government class to be exact, one I had the honor to co-teach with him, and a class we had a blast doing. One day the warm-up writing exercise was:

Tell a story in one sentence.

Perhaps it was a Friday, or maybe everyone was concerned about the Senior Prom, but no one started writing.  The class was then informed I'd give $20 for the best one, which motivated three students (out of 38) to start writing.

The winning student was Christopher Wells-McKissack, who wrote the following:

Julius Caesar avoids assassination changing all of Roman, and world history.

Wow.  Actually, that idea was worth a couple hundred dollars.  And I hope in a couple of years I can give him that, and when we make this into a movie, a lot more. Reading this sentence had me immediately recall the Season 2 Episode 25 of the original Star Trek series, "Bread & Circuses":


One of my favorite stories.  If you saw it, I'm sure you remember it too.  Anyway, as soon as the bell rung - that wonderful time when us teachers can entertain our own thoughts - I began to draft an entirely new history of the world - for you Star Trek fans, a completely new timeline - one that might occur had Julius Caesar not been assassinated.  

Before we go into the outline of the story, I want to share with you what happened the next time this class met.  Christopher was presented the WGA Registry certificate below,  and was told his logline inspired me to make a 5 part movie series, and that when it is produced, he was going to be a millionaire.

There, maybe that will motive the rest of the kids at that school to do their assignments.....  




 ...the outline


The general structure of this new historical timeline will be shown in five feature film series, the first showing the immediate impact of Rome remaining a republic under Julius Caesar for another 30 years, and entering into the First Century AD without the devastating civil war between Marc Antony & Octavian, or the debaucherous emperor rulers such as Caligula & Nero.  Rome continues to conquer the world.

The following film series after ancient Rome will be tied to the philosophical ages leading up to modern times and beyond:


Unlike our timeline where entering the 21st Century has inclinations towards a world government, under this new timeline, a world government has already existed for 2,000 years under Rome, and is now falling apart.

The background environment for each plot within each of these philosophical ages will follow Alexander Tytler’s (1801) theoretical cycles of the rising and falling of democracies:



The central figures in the following philosophical ages will be a reincarnation of Caesar - each preceding ruler having an affliction in comparison to Julius Caesar's case of epilepsy.  These will be:

1234 A.D. - CAESAR KHAN is a dwarf with anxiety disorders

1717 A.D. - CAESAR KATARINA is a schizophrenic nymphomaniac

1922 A.D. - CAESAR KARL is alcoholic with Aspergers

2037 A.D. - CAESAR KASAM is a bi-polar anti-Christ


Rome  44B.C. 

Rome, 44B.C. - SPURINNA (60’s) practices haruspex at the temple of Jupiter, learns to focus his follower’s prayers on the statue’s thunderbolt, which causes a rip in time when Jupiter, in the form of an eagle, lands on his statue during a service (PEOPLE & their GODS meet). This power growing over the course of several weeks, Spurinna’s vision of Caesar’s assassination while giving warning to CAESAR (55) creates a bubble allowing him to give more details of the plot, which Caesar immediately recognizes since it is received as déjà vu, reacts to, & spoils the assassination attempt.  Rome continues as a Republic for 30 more expansive years under Julius Caesar, and DOES NOT experience the civil war found our time line.  Marc Anthony succeeds Caesar.



New Rome

(NewYork) 1234 A.D.


New Rome (New York), 1234 A.D. - CAESAR KHAN (34) provincial governor of the New Lands (America) unites the east & west coasts.  War begins with Moguls in Asia, Old Rome allies with the Teutonic Knights in Northern Europe, New Rome (New York) allies with China to defeat the Golden Horde on two fronts.  Seven years later, the Pope in Old Rome declares Caesar excommunicated for mixing Roman religion with the spiritual beliefs of the Native Americans.  Civil War between old & new Rome has Caesar the new ruler of the world with the refinement of Chinese rockets. 



Beijing Rome, 

1717 A.D 

Beijing Rome, 1717 A.D. - CAESAR KATARINA (55) rules a world with uprisings in Africa & the Americas.  Europe hangs in the balance and could tip the scales to the rebel forces. Romans from Russia infiltrate European structure, assassinate rebel leaders with Gestapo/KGB - style tactics, deal made that Old Rome will be capital of western Roman world; Beijing will be capital of eastern Roman world. PAX ROMANA - Roman Period of Peace - begins.



Berlin Rome, 

1922 A.D 

Berlin Rome, 1922 A.D. - CAESAR KARL (60’s) confronts the rise socialism & reforms demanded by the middle and lower classes. Acts of terrorism sponsored by ruling families of both east & west Rome are used against each other to maintain power, and to create fear and dependency of the population, thus relying on Roman families for security.  As in 1984, the ruling class is behind the socialism and reform groups, keeping tabs, using, or murdering those who flock to the banners against the regime as it suits their needs.



 Bagdad Rome, 2037 A.D


Bagdad Rome, 2037 A.D. - CAESAR KASAM (27) directs an army of machines & drones to maintain power over the masses who scream for freedom.  Even the middle classes now rebel since machines have replaced many of their livelihoods. Many in the ruling class have merged with technology in the hopes to prolong their lives.  Armageddon comes: Humanity vs. the Machines.


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